HR and Recruitment Services

Intrepidus Human Resources Consulting

Intrepidus human resource consulting assists clients attract, retain and develop great people. Intrepidus will ensure your HR practices are practical and compliant with employment legislation. Intrepidus provides support including workplace investigations and enterprise agreement negotiations. Intrepidus supports management of significant change including mergers, acquisitions and divestments. Intrepidus provides training, for managers and employees, in anti-bullying, discrimination and harassment. Contact Intrepidus Human Resource Consulting for your HR needs.

Max Employment

MAX Solutions is a national organisation that delivers employment, health and training services, best known for its work as the employment service provider, MAX Employment. Offers solutions to support individuals, business and the Australian Government achieve outcomes that benefit the community. MAX Employment assists Australian job seekers under contracts with the Australian Government including: jobactive, Disability Employment Services, Remote Jobs and Communities Program and Indigenous Employment Programs. Using an integrated approach we address barriers to employment and provide job seekers with relevant health and training interventions. We also work with employers to find and recruit the right candidate.